12 outlets across the university campuses

Employing over 160 full-time and casual staff

FOOD ON CAMPUS are responsible for providing a range of support services for students, staff and visitors. The service is responsible for the delivery of food and beverages, to students, staff and external visitors.

We strive for excellence; our passion is providing the best possible service to all of our customers. We only achieve this because our staff love what they do, and work tirelessly to achieve the best.

We pride ourselves on supporting local producers, and iniatatives such as the MyCUP campaign.

Our team have an extensive range of sustainability goals covering the use of the freshest, local ingredients that give our customers both great quality and good value. The service has won numerous awards.

This website showcases the massive range and variety of services provided by Food on Campus. No matter what campus you are on, we’ve got you covered; check our outlet finder to see what’s on the menu today. You can always contact the team to provide feedback and suggestions here.

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