MyCup is our reusable cup scheme, encouraging staff, students and visitors to ditch the disposables! 

Our goal

Here at the University of Brighton our goal is to reduce the number of disposable drinks cups we throw away by 125,000 a year.

We want our customers to benefit from using a reusable cup – either by using their own, or buying a reusable ECoffee bamboo cup from any of our outlets.

Every time a reusable cup is used it avoids another disposable cup being thrown away - saving resources, reducing waste and saving our customers money

What's wrong with a disposable cup?

Disposable paper cups are coated with polyacetylene (an oil-based plastic) which, whilst making them water tight, stops the cups from degrading and makes them very difficult to recycle.

Not only that, paper cups are made from virgin wood pulp or paper (for hygiene reasons), and are often transported around the world, before being thrown away after just one use!

It’s estimated that 2.5 billion paper coffee cups are being thrown away in the UK every year. That’s almost 5,000 a minute, or 7 million per day.

Why use a reusable cup?

Cut waste

At the University of Brighton, we estimate that in the last academic year (2016-17) we threw away nearly 1 million single use, disposable paper cups!

Just imagine how much less waste we could produce, if everyone used a reusable cup instead.

Cut carbon

The manufacture, packaging, and transportation of disposable cups around the world has a significant carbon footprint, and the use of plastic lids adds to this even more.

Using virgin paper for cup production also reduces the planet’s carbon absorption capacity (as trees absorb carbon dioxide), as well as degrading the ecosystem through loss of habitats.

Save money

By avoiding the charge for a disposable cup, our customers will save every time they use a reusable cup.

GET A FREE DRINK when you purchase a reusable cup

ECoffee bamboo cups are on sale for £4.50, which includes a free drink! Every time you use it you won’t have to pay for a disposable cup, which are an additional 10p.

You can also collect MyCUP stamps every time you purchase a hot drink with your reusable cup on the MyCUP loyalty card – and when you have purchased 10 hot drinks the 11th drink is free!

By the time you have earned your free drink on our loyalty card you will have already avoided using 12 disposable cups!

Save money on hot drinks - save 10p with your reusable cup

If you choose to have your hot drink in a disposable cup we will charge you 10p. If you use a reusable cup you will not be charged any extra.

Where possible our pricing signage will highlight the cost benefit of using a reusable cup.