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It’s the sunniest place in the UK, surrounded by stunning countryside and great local farms, where we buy as much of our fruit and vegetables as possible. The campus is set in the Meads area of this historic seaside town, with almost 3,000 students.


Sprinters canteen serves up hot cups of energy plus a tasty range of breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Perfectly located at the centre of the Eastbourne canteen this cafe and canteen is a great place to socialise, talk about that lecture or just chill.

Sun and Sea

Sprinters canteen is a contemporary open-plan canteen situated on the ground floor and just a stone’s throw away from the sports centre, it’s a great place to relax and take a well-earned break.

The team are on hand to serve you fantastic barista style coffee, plus a wide range of delicious food options from pastries and cakes to something more substantial. Perfect for a quick snack while you’re studying, or why not take a seat by the window and enjoy your break at a more leisurely pace?

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